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Prospecting & Cold Calling

Knowledge is power Gain more knowledge about your prospects, competitors, and partners than anyone else in your industry. 

Verbal Vomitting - Listen for the buying signal and say, "that sounds great what would you like to do next?". If you learn this one thing you will be well on your way to success in the sales profession.

Winning the Sales War Win your sales battles using tips and tools provided within this article. 

Focussing on the Task that matters  What did you work on today? What should you have been working on?

10 Ways to Gauruntee Your Failure - I found a great list in the book The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer.  If you don't have this book, it is an excellent one to have on your shelf as he writes in a very interesting way...he loves lists. Here is the list of common mistakes that many in the sales profession make.

16 Listening Questions Use this list of questions before making your next prospecting call or entering into a conference call with a potential client. 

Golden Silence Listening Tool Use golden silence on every call you make this month.

Questioning Your Way to More Assets Under Management (AUM) - Closing is about one thing...Information!  That's right information.  If you can elicit the right kind of information from your prospect, then you can close the sale.  The problem for most sales people is that they feel that if they can give the right kind of information they can close the sale.

L + F = Sales - How many of us waste our time and money sending out literature to reps that do not want it and are only doing it to avoid saying they are not interested
and hurting our feelings?

Building Rapport Find common ground and connect more often by considering the tips provided in this article on building rapport.

The 2 Minute Drill Use Dan Baccarini's advice on using just 2 additional minutes of your day preparing for each meeting in this way.

Qualifying Your Prospects learn to ask tough qualifying questions to get the information you really need.

Selling at Conferences The challenge with conferences is that most firms do not have a basic tactical plan as to how they are going to generate leads and sales from their attendance.

Aim for No - The first thing that you must do is change your attitude from going for a yes to going for a no. Sales is a commitment game. Therefore, it does not make a difference what commitment we get as long as we get a commitment. Thus the change in focus from going for the "yes" to going for the "no".

Questions that Probe for Pain - We might know that our product can solve the pains of our prospects, but how do we illicit their pain?  We do this through probing questions.

Sales Facts - These results are from a recent study conducted by The Sales Board regarding what prospects feel about the sales people
calling on them.

Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win.

                                                                                                       - Nadia Comaneci  (Olympian - won 5 god medals in one year)


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